Monday, March 8, 2010

Lighting Love

I know we haven't yet covered the February highlights, but here's a cool portrait I couldn't wait to share from this past week. This is Maria Hernandez, a parent volunteer at Mountain Meadows Elementary in Moorpark.

It was so bright outside, and when I arrived the kids were already going out for lunch, so I decided to use the shade, crowds of kids in the background, angular buildings a nice white wall to the left to bounce my strobe off for a colorful environmental portrait. I had to use a lot of power but the effect is great. If I had not been working with my lights lately I wouldn't have though of this setup. I'm just bummed it couldn't run in color! Fortunately, because the lighting came out so well it looks good in b/w.

IS 132 Mountain Meadows Parent

Here's the story, where you can also see how the photo ran: " A first-hand approach to helping educators."

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