Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I've missed this blog!

Well, it's been quite a while since I've posted anything here and I'm determined to resurrect this little blog. I've been very busy shooting and I have a ton to post. But I don't want to overwhelm you with photos! So we'll go by month.
Today I have December's highlights for you.

One of my first posts here was of the National Charity League debutantes ball. I shot them again, and it was as fun as I remembered.

IS 100 NCL Ball

IS 101 NCL Ball

IS 102 NCL Ball

IS 103 NCL Ball

Along with December comes, of course, ice skating at The Lakes in Westlake...

IS 104 Ice Rink

And visits from Santa, this time to a school in Somis, with his motorcycle buddies in tow.

IS 400 Motorcycle Santa

IS 402 Motorcycle Santa

But some kids just don't like Santa. This little guy at the Janss mall in TO wasn't thrilled about taking a picture with Santa.

IS 411 Santa

Camarillo held their annual Christmas Parade, even in the pouring rain (note the raindrops on my lens!) I was soaking wet, but managed to keep my gear fairly dry.

IS 305 Cam Parade

IS 307 Cam Parade

Since it doesn't really freeze here, the Moorpark Water Polo team had no problem playing in December. These were shot during a practice at the Moorpark Athletic Club.

IS 114 Mpk Wpolo

IS 115 Mpk Wpolo

Also in Moorpark, big news - the Moorpark Post Office finally opened at the end of High Street, near the Moorpark Library.

IS 116 Post Office

IS 120 Post Office

And another highly anticipated grand opening, the Moorpark Skate Park.

IS 208 Skate Park

IS 209 Skate Park

It really was a gorgeous California Christmas, complete with sunny skies, a dusting of snow on the mountains, and blooming poinsettias in Camarillo.

IS 220 Cam Wild Art

We have plenty of fall/winter color though, and fallen leaves. Here's a family enjoying the warm December weather at Conejo Creek Park North in TO.

IS 407 TO Wild Art

And at the RSRPD winter camp in Simi Valley....

IS 435 Snow Day

Although they did have to truck in some snow.

IS 434 Snow Day

There are always a few productions of The Nutcracker around the holidays, like this one in Thousand Oaks.

IS 414 Nutcracker

IS 415 Nutcracker

IS 416 Nutcracker

And after Christmas, families come out to play with all the new toys. These guys were at a park in Moorpark the day after the holiday.

IS 504 Mpk Wild Art

IS 503 Mpk Wild Art

December came to a close with a fundraiser to try to save the financially strapped Tutu's Hawaiian Ice Cream Shack in Simi Valley, but it was sadly unsuccessful. Tutus closed its doors at the end of the month. But the fundraiser was great fun, and the owner, Scott, had a good time despite the circumstances.

IS 514 Simi Concert

IS 515 Simi Concert

Finally, I finished December by shooting the Newbury Park High School basketball team, taking a day off from practice to stretch and relax at a gym across the street from the school.

IS 520 NP Bball

IS 518 NP Bball

Thanks for visiting the blog! Highlights from January and February coming soon.

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